Orlando Salsa Congress

June 30 - July 3 Orlando World Center

Ladies Styling

Camp Venus The Ultimate in Ladies Styling

International Salsa Bachata Congress

ISBC: Tampa, Florida. September 9-12, 2011


Born To Salsa Team

Auditions for Ladies

BTS is looking for ladies...

BTS is looking to put together a team again in 2011. We are looking for ladies that have substantial experience dancing in either LA or West Coast On1 style or NY On2 (preferably both).

Additional mandatory requirements are as follows:

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Salsa Socials

Upcoming Socials

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DC Salsa Congress

June 17-19, 2011

Westin Alexandria | Washington, DC, USA
Miami Salsa Congress

August 3-7, 2011

Miami Beach| Florida, US
Hustle and Salsa Competition


Marriott World Center | Orlando, FL, USA
Salsa Cruise 2011

November 17-21, 2011

Aventura Dance Cruise | Mexico

Born To Salsa | BTS

BTS was founded early in 2003 as an online Salsa Community where Salsa Dancers were introduced to other people that shared a common interest. Membership grew daily and within months we had over 40,000 members. It was the members themselves that petitioned for a BTS party where everyone could get together and dance and thus the first BTS Social was held.

BTS, not being a dance school, was immediately and correctly interpreted as common ground for all Salsa Schools and styles of Salsa Dance. At the time, NY Style Salsa and L.A. Style Salsa were burgeoning in Florida. To show up at another school Social and dance one of these new styles of Salsa was uncomfortable to say the least, so the BTS Social became the hub for these dancers, in particular, and took off in popularity at the same rate that NY Style and L.A Style Salsa did in Florida.

Today BTS continues to strive in all its endeavors. We continue to provide that "common ground" for all Salsa Dancers to enjoy that which they love the most. We continue to support all the Dance Schools who have been instrumental in the growth of Salsa Dance in our region and - by means of our extremely successful Socials and International level events that we now own - continue to provide a platform for these schools and everyone else who contributes to the art of Salsa Dancing to exhibit their skills and partake in the magic which is Salsa.